Meet the Haen Meats Team

Meet the Bosses!

Dan Haen

Employed Since 1975

Dan enjoys leading the employees in the custom cutting area. He is responsible for overseeing custom beef and pork orders and inventory. He has been "employed" here longer than anyone else and still enjoys coming to work!

John Haen

Employed Since 1977

John takes alot of pride in cutting for our Retail Store. He has also made many award winning show products such as Semi-Boneless Ham and Dried Beef. He has been inducted into the Cured Meats Hall of Fame.

Tim Haen

Employed Since 1979

Tim is in charge of production for all of our sausage and cured meat products including our wide variety of Wildgame sausage products. He is also a proud member of the Cured Meats Hall of Fame.

Tom Haen

Employed Since 1982

Tom is responsible for our very popular Homemade Pizza production. He also enjoys getting to know other local business owners and workers when he makes weekly deliveries. We count on him for all of our building maintenance as well.

Meet the Workers!


Employed Since 2012

Amy is a member of our Customer Service team and looks forward to helping you any way she can. She also enjoys packaging and learning new things.

Amy's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Fajita Patties!


Employed Since 1998

Ann does a great job wrapping custom beef and pork orders and a lot of our Wildgame products. If you shop here on Saturdays, you might see her smiling face in the store.

Ann's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Brats!


Employed Since 1992

Have you ever ordered beef by the 1/4 or 1/2? If so, it's very likely Becky took your order! She is also responsible for almost all orders that we get, both retail and wholesale. Her duties are definitely too many to list!

Becky's Favorite Haen Product?
--Bacon Cheeseburger Brats!


Employed Since 2006

Ever wondered who's responsible for our great looking fresh beef and pork case? Ben is a big part of that, a very talented meat cutter! He loves cutting for our Retail Cases.

Ben's Favorite Haen Product?
--Italian Broils!


Employed Since 2001

Beth runs our rollstock machine. She takes great pride in a beautifully packaged product. She is also responsible for overseeing all of our bakery items.

Beth's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Fajita Meat!

Beth M

Employed Since 2017

Beth is a great addition to our customer service team in our retail store. She looks forward to meeting customers and sharing cooking tips.

Beth's Favorite Haen Product?
--Philly Steak Meat!


Employed Since 1995

Did you know we smoke fish here? Brad has a great recipe for a tasty finished product. He also has a big role in the production of many of our Award Winning sausage products and takes great care with our spice blends.

Brad's Favorite Haen Product?
--Beef Ribeye Steak!

Brad L

Employed Since 2017

Brad is on our clean up crew and takes a lot of pride in his work. He is responsible for some of the end of day sanitation and making sure equipment is ready to use for the next day’s production.

Brad's Favorite Haen Product?
--1959 Patties!


Employed Since 2011

Brandon is a part of our clean up team.You will also find him filling products out in the retail store.

Brandon's Favorite Haen Product?
--Beef Tenderloin!


Employed Since 2012

Carolyn is usually busy preparing our Cooked Shredded products or Sloppy Joe. You might even find her making Haen Homemade Pizzas!

Carolyn's Favorite Haen Product?
--Cooked Shredded Beef!


Employed Since 2010

Cheryl is with us part-time to put together wholesale orders and make sure they ship out on time and correctly. We love her attention to detail and flexibility.

Cheryl's Favorite Haen Product?
--Big Daddy Brat Patties!


Employed Since 2009

Dan is part of our Customer Service team and is also very good at keeping our retail store items stocked and looking good. He also enjoys filling Wildgame orders.

Dan's Favorite Haen Product?
--Beef Ribeye Steak!


Employed Since 1992

Darrel can usually be found slicing and packaging our Award Winning Bacon and other items. He is also a chef so he is a great reference for our weekly recipes.

Darrel's Favorite Haen Product?
--Semi Boneless Ham!


Employed Since 2003

David helps process your custom beef or pork orders and is one of our main meat cutters. He is ALWAYS good for a laugh, just like the picture shows!

David's Favorite Haen Product?
--Hickory Smoked Ham!


Employed Since 2015

Efrain is a custom beef/pork cutter. He handles the animals from slaughter all the way through processing to be sure customers are getting exactly what they ask for. He is also one of our whole deer cutters and what a hard worker!

Efrain's Favorite Haen Product?
--Beef Ribeye!


Employed Since 2018

Heather specializes in customer service and comes to us with a solid background in retail sales. She really enjoys people and is looking forward to helping you.

Heather's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Fajita Brats!


Employed Since 1997

Jenny can answer all of your questions regarding our Wildgame Processing and billing. She also sends out our "Weekly Specials" email and chooses our "Recipe of the Week".

Jenny's Favorite Haen Product?
--Smokie Links!


Employed Since 1999

Jeff is part of the team in our sausage production area and also does a great job making sure our Hams, Dried Beef, and Bacons look outstanding.

Jeff's Favorite Haen Product?
--Semi-Boneless Ham!


Employed Since 1991

Jr is our main custom beef cutter and butcher. He also oversees the custom cutting in the bosses absence. He has been a loyal employee longer than any of our current workers and we're so glad to have him!

Jr's Favorite Haen Product?

Kayla L

Employed Since 2016

Kayla works part-time in customer service and packaging. She enjoys making sure the customers are getting the products they want. She is also the twin sister of Tyler L.

Kayla's Favorite Haen Product?
--Extruded Jerky!


Employed Since 2009

Kelly does a great job managing our packaging schedule to keep things running smoothly. You might also find her waiting to serve you in our retail store.

Kelly's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Fajita Brats!


Employed Since 2001

Lisa makes all of our chicken items for the retail store like Chicken Sticklers and Cordon Bleu. She also makes Loaded Mashed Potatoes. Tell her what your favorite chicken item is.

Lisa's Favorite Haen Product?
--Sandwich Ribeye!


Employed Since 2002

Lori always makes friendly and timely customer service her top priority! She loves to meet new customers and suggest new products. She also oversees our wholesale shipping orders.

Lori's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Fajita Brats!


Employed Since 2017

Madi is our first 3rd generation worker not related to the Haen family. She is Becky’s daughter and JR’s granddaughter. She is a High School student and works after school and Saturdays on our Retail Customer Service team and store clean up.

Madi's Favorite Haen Product?
--Loaded Mashed Potatoes!


Employed Since 2017

Madison is part of our Retail Customer Service team and store clean up. She is eager to serve you and always has a smile. Next time you’re in the store, be sure to say hello.

Madison's Favorite Haen Product?


Employed Since 2016

Matt takes care of stocking product in our retail store and keeping things filled and priced in the cases. He enjoys working in the freezers and coolers.

Matt's Favorite Haen Product?
--Haen Pizza!


Employed Since 2008

Michael is working hard to learn many different areas of production from sausage making to retail cutting. He most enjoys learning about sausage making.

Michael's Favorite Haen Product?
--Philly Cheese Style Brats!


Employed Since 2006

Monica packages all of our delicious bakery products and sometimes bakes them. She is a real people-person and enjoys giving great customer service with a smile.

Monica's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Wild Rice Brats!


Employed Since 2004

Nancy helps to wrap and package your custom beef and pork orders with care. She is also an excellent customer service representative and loves helping people.

Nancy's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Brats!


Employed Since 2014

Nick makes most of our Homemade Pizzas. He also provides awesome customer service and helps to keep the products in the retail store filled.

Nick's Favorite Haen Product?
--Jalapeno Cheese Snack Sticks!


Employed Since 1995

Pam is our senior custom meat wrapper and takes great care to make sure your order is packaged properly and accurately labeled for your freezer.

Pam's Favorite Haen Product?
--Cheddy Brats!


Employed Since 2012

Sara does a great job keeping things orderly in the store and serving customers. She also makes it her priority to be sure the meat slicers and retail scales stay clean and santized all day long.

Sara's Favorite Haen Product?
--Beef Ribeye Steak!


Employed Since 2012

Tracy is always smiling and really enjoys pleasing customers. She is very well organized...and SHE DOES WINDOWS!

Tracy's Favorite Haen Product?
--Chicken Fajita Brat Patties!


Employed Since 2006

Travis started on our cleaning crew and is now in charge of managing our meat blends needed to produce our Award Winning sausage products. He has a great sense of humor and keeps us all laughing!

Travis's Favorite Haen Product?
--Beef Ribeye Steak!

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