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Smoked Sausage

Beef Summer Sausage
Brat Dogs
Cheddy Brats
Cheddy Wieners
Cheese Snack Sticks
Coarse Ground Wieners
Cooked Chicken Brats
Cooked Pork Brats
Garlic Ring Bologna
Garlic Summer Sausage
Honey BBQ Snack Sticks
Honey Ham Sticks
Hot and Spicy Smoked Beef Strips
Hot Snack Sticks
Jalapeno and Cheese Snack Sticks
Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage
Natural Casing Wieners
Pepperjack Jalapeno Cheese Wieners
Pineapple Teriyaki Snack Sticks
Ring Bologna
Salami Summer Sausage
Skinless Wieners
Smoked Beef Strips
Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Brats
Smoked Polish Sausage
Smokie Links
Snack Sticks
Stick Bologna
Summer Sausage
Sweet Bourbon Smoked Beef Strips
Teriyaki Smoked Beef Strips
Whole Muscle Beef Jerky
  • Weekly Specials

  • August 10-15

  • BLT Baconsave $.50 pk (1 lb.)
  • Beef Round Steak$5.49 lb
  • Beef Stew Meat$5.49 lb

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